I really need to cry
But not a single fucking tear will come out…
I hate my life

Today i saw a boy from my school, he is younger than me (19 i think) and i was shocked because he was always the cute guy with the baby face a bit awkward and a really nice guy.. And today when i saw him (and i haven’t seen him in a really loooong time) it was like WHAT THE HELL are you really you??!! He is so damn hot, He is SO SO SO fine, messy hair, sleepy face, blue eyes,just a jumper and jeans but oh dear lord and believe me i feel really guilty about this but oh my god seriously
thanks puberty!

Last night a man broke into my house while we were all sleeping i didn’t hear a single noise until he came into my room. he was trying to light sth and i yell WHO IS THAT and run to my mothers room to tell her, we heard noise in the back yard..he was trying to scape, he did scape but he maneged to take some stuff that where in my sister’s room but nobody was there that’s why he could take those things, he left his shoes and before all that we call the police of course (THAT OBVIOUSLY IT TOOK AN ETERNITY FOR THOSE MOTHERFUCKER TO COME ) and after a while we where outside with some neighbors and a guy was comming towards us and i told my mum to come inside just in case (oh btw it was 5am) and i figure out to see his foot and he was barefoot and my neighbor recognized him! and he lives IN THE SAME BLOCK TEN HOUSES FROM MINE I MEAN WTF, he is from the same neighborhood!!! that son of a bitch I’m soooo sooo piss off i want to burn this fucking city i fucking hate everything THAT IS THE SECOND TIME THAT SOMEONE TRIED TO STEAL FROM US


Ughhhh i want to be pretty and have money and have a blog ad have people watching me and live in england or europe any part of europe…
Mh life is so sad

I don’t get it when people say I wanna go to Europe I mean as a European you gotta be more specific because there’s a major difference between Denmark and Greece so which part of fucking Europe do you wanna go to

i didn’t want to bring this but i feel the same when someone says “I want go to America” refering to de USA.. well let me tell you America is a fucking continent.

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